Increasing Water Levels in Major Dams

June 17, 2016
Sutiwat Prutthiprasert

Thailand Water Situation


Water level in major dams has increased however, it’s not adequate. Water released from the dam is at minimum and major dam has large capacity to contain severe rainfall. River flood in this season is unlikely. However, flash flood could occur though out the country due to short down pour.

RID News

Situation in major dam has improved. Water level in many dams has increased but still not adequate. Currently, amount of water stored is at 31,152 million cubic meters or 44% of total all dam capacity. Amount of usable water is at 7,718 million cubic meters. Major dams could store water more than 39,000 cubic meters. Even though, there are some the water inflows into the dam but the amount is not enough due to low rainfall in the upper area of the dams. The RID announced that all major dams should collect water as much as possible during the rainy season without affect the downstream. Current water flow from major dams at 18 million cubic meters is for consumption and environment only.

Flood situation

Flood caution in Mei river. The area located in border between Thailand and Myanmar border at Tak province since 11 June:


In the next week, Thailand would likely to rain in the North, North East, West and East. Chance of heavy rain in western area of southern part of Thailand.

Dam Water Level:

The Bhumibol Dam has not increase. The remaining main dam water levels have slightly increased. Usable storage levels for the Bhumibol, Sirikit, Kwae Noi, and Pasak dams are 2%, 8%, 21%, and 22% respectively.

Weather forecast: JUNE:

Region Rainfall Rainy days Max. Temperature Min. Temperature
Northern 160-200 mm 17-20 day 32-34℃ 24-26℃
Northeastern 190-230 mm 16-19 day 33-35℃ 24-26℃
Central 140-180 mm 15-18 day 33-35℃ 25-27℃
Eastern 250-300 mm 16-19 day 32-34℃ 25-27℃
Southeastern 100-140 mm 13-16 day 32-34℃ 24-26℃
Southwestern 300-400 mm 18-21 day 31-33℃ 24-26℃

The Upper Chao Phraya River Flow:

Water Level in many canals are normal. Water canals can take much more water runoff from upstream.

The Lower Chao Phraya River Flow:

Normal water levels and flow are observed in all areas.



Sutiwat Prutthiprasert