How responsive are you on emergencies?

June 28, 2017
Tanaporn Longwech

The reaction time for car accidents depends on each person’s ability and training. The ability of emergency response is related to the decision time. Furthermore, the decision should consider disadvantages like the amount of people injured and property damage.

Research shows that the time of low awareness and concentration decreases the ability to respond, increasing the risk of accident. The necessary driving skills are accuracy of response, quick reaction time and good control of the steering wheel. Presently, there is technology that evaluates these driving skills. If the driver can reduce error of judgement, the chance of accident would decreased. Drivers get low accuracy scores, they should practice more. If the driver has slow response time, they should take a break in order to drive with common sense and reduce road accidents. In addition, the steering wheel skills are related to the experience of the driver. The driver should have experience before driving on the road in order to reduce road accidents.

According to the Domino Theory of H.W. Heinrich, if the first domino (Social environment of background) falls over, the next domino would fall over as well. Thus, if you don’t want the fourth domino (Accident) to fall over, you should remove third domino (Unsafe acts or unsafe condition) to prevent injury and property damage. Thus, if the driver has developed these 3 skills (accuracy of response, quick reaction time and good control of the steering wheel) as mentioned, it would help to reduce the chance of accident.

How responsive are you on emergencies


Tanaporn Longwech