From Data Analytics to Business Decisions

We provide accident, medical and business analysis from your business data.

Every business needs and uses data to drive informed decisions. Gather, analyze and interpret data to push your brand to perform. Influence key stakeholder decisions.

At InterRisk Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we have experience in analyzing all types of insurance claims data, road safety data, risk surveying data, medical data and property risk data.

We can help inspire new solutions, reach new perspectives on key trends and show promising opportunities. The results grow and optimizes business models.

We can show your company how to become more data-centric by predicting trends or how data could impact actual business processes and pricing. All data projects are strictly confidential and follow data privacy laws.

Some of our experiences are the following projects; flood mitigation in Thailand, find root cause of fire risks, and hospital price comparisons in Thailand.

See what we can deliver. 

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