road safety training interrisk


Nowadays, the number of registered vehicles used on the road in Thailand keeps rising, which results in more road accidents, deaths, and injuries where Thailand ranks among the first in the world. Therefore, InterRisk Asia (Thailand) created the road safety training course adjusted to fit the client demands.

This training focuses on integrating past and new knowledge regarding the road safety to reduce risk behaviors leading to the accident. The courses are designed to be concise and easy to understand and cover all the essential aspects of road safety through many activities, cutting-edge tools, and simulations. The training participants will receive the training documents and evaluation results after finish the training.

There are two types of training available;

On-site: Road safety training course that enables the participant to gain more skills and knowledge in the activities provided throughout the training. The cutting-edge training simulations are provided to test the reaction time and evaluate the situation of each participant. Thus, the participant can apply the skills in their daily life effectively.

Online: This training program is designed to meet the client’s needs during the pandemic and new normal period to join the training via your electronic devices. The training provides both training sessions and activities through the online application.

Moreover, we have a platform containing short training videos and activities to facilitate more participants. The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface that suits all participants in any age range. The evaluation results of each training participant are available in real-time.




●  Basic              Basic knowledge of road safety for all type of vehicle user. More information.

●  Awareness    Focus on the awareness and consequence of the accident on oneself and others. More information.

●  Manner          Emphasis the driving manner and how to impress the client. More information.

●  Motorcycle   Basic riding knowledge and how to reduce the risk for motorcycle. More information.

●  Truck              Enhance the road safety knowledge and techniques for truck driving. More information.

Road Safety Brochure PDF