Fire accidents cause utmost damage to businesses and corporations. With years of experience on fire risk survey and risk assessment for industrial factories of InterRisk Asia (Thailand), we discover that the root cause of most fire accidents comes from the lacking of personnel’s knowledge and understanding of personnel’s safety management which usually lead to inappropriate risk management. In addition, the personnel are unable to carry out the risk assessment which causes insufficient self-protection.

This course is prepared with intensive contents and instructed directly by our fire risk engineers. The contents include fire triangle, fire risk assessment in different situations, and fire risk management in the workplace as well as fire countermeasures. Additionally, there are activities designed to revise and raise awareness for all participants.

The brief details of the contents are as follows:

    Fire accidents statistics

    General Information about Fire

    Fire Prevention Knowledge

    Fire Alarm and Firefighting System

    Fire Department

Course Completion Certificate

   Test results                   Personal certificate



On-site: The on-site course will focus on the participation of participants along the training. The participants will be able to profoundly learn and understand through a variety of activities especially the on-site risk assessment.

There is also an application of technology in testing and assessing the fire risk in the workplace for each participant, so that the participants will be able to work safely and effectively in the real working situation.

Online: This program was designed to adapt to the new normal situation.

The participants can attend the training by using online applications via electric devices in hand.