As the frequency of accidents occurred inside the industrial factories tends to be increasing. The accidents caused by fire occur the most, approximately half of the overall events. The majority of the fire accidents were caused by human error and inspection error as the staff had not sufficiently known the fire and explosion risk, leading to the hazard overlook in a working area. Hence, the risk assessment by experts is one of the most effective options to decrease the fire risk in your workplace.

InterRisk Asia (Thailand) has been operating a fire risk assessment business for many years by our experienced risk engineer team who will visit your site (factory, warehouse, and office) to survey and point out the fire and explosion risks and evaluate your firefighting capacity. We will also use the latest technologies and analysis software for the assessment and provide recommendations based on national and international standards for your highest safety.


     Fire spread risk of buildings (Based on structures and compartment)

      Production process

     Dangerous materials management

    Warehouse storage condition

     Firefighting equipment

    Fire prevention management

    External risks