Today, fire accidents still occur in factories and buildings, despite many years of operation with zero incidents. The consequences of these fires are devastating, resulting in several days of business interruption and productivity loss. Any occupancy or type of industry is vulnerable to fire risk.

InterRisk provides fire risk surveys for factory sites. Our goal is to prevent and reduce major fires from occurring in commercial and industrial properties. The results of these surveys can be used by insurance providers to have a scope on the property’s actual fire risk. In addition to insurance purposes, we can perform risk surveys for any factory wishing to improve on their fire safety. The survey can help clients gain a new perspective on the factory’s fire risk and create fire risk awareness for both safety officers and management. Find out more about our on-site fire risk surveys.

For greater depth in understanding fire risk for clients, we are developing training services about fire safety both on-site and online. Our aim is to provide detailed content on workplace fire safety for all workers. Learners will be able to identify fire risks scenarios before they occur on their own, thus, dramatically reducing the fire risk at work. Our training is helping organizations commit to providing knowledge of life-threatening issues such as fire safety for people, inspired by the United Nation’s SDG goals.

Fire Risk is just one in many of our expanding risk topics. Our other risk menu options include machinery breakdown risk, electrical risk, natural disaster risk, and road safety risk.  If you are concerned with any of the following fire risk or other hazards affecting your location, contact our team today.