Who should be concerned about cyber security?

All aspects of modern life is increasingly spent online. Industries are in a race to digitize their businesses. This gives an attractive opportunity for criminals to take advantage for malicious purposes. Hence, putting importance on cyber security is a crucial part in surviving the digital age today.


Security breaches are usually kept quiet by organizations due to a number of reasons, such as reputation. What appears in the news is only the surface of the amount of cyber security attacks in the world. In Thailand, the number of reported cyber-crime cases was 3,797 in 2016. (The Electronics Transactions Development Agency, a public organization.)

Ways to combat these threats to protect computers, communication networks, programs and data is called cyber security or information security.

Thailand and Cyber Security

Both private and state agencies lack security awareness at numerous managerial levels. The ETDA established the ThaiCERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) unit in 2015 to monitor government system for threats. There are currently around 100 cyber security experts in Thailand, which is considered low compared to other Asian countries such as South Korea, India, and Japan.


Ransomware: is malware that demands payment in order to undo or stop harmful action.

Spyware: will record the user’s activity such as passwords that are being typed on the computer and leaks this information to the mal intent person.

Botnets: the malware written will be used to control a group of computers in order to attack others or steal information, such as sending an excess of spam e-mails to overload the server, called denial-of-service attack.

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