Basic Course Details

There are many causes that affect road accidents. Not only drivers, but other factors such as environment and vehicle type are also lead causes of accidents. This basic course is a training course about the root causes and factors of accidents including driving techniques and how to handle emergency situations to reduce and prevent road accidents. Therefore, this course is suitable for all type of vehicles and drivers as a basis of safe driving.

Course Details

The content of this training includes

– Driving preparations

– Driving techniques

– Risk behaviors and causes of an accident

– Driving tips when facing an emergency, e.g., lose control of the vehicle or driving through a flooded area

– Things to do after a car accident

– Basic traffic laws

Training sections: Training part and activities part

Training duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: Flexible (Please contact us for more details)

Location: On-site (In-house)

Remark: The training duration is flexible according to your demands. Please contact us if you need more information.

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