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June 10, 2016
Tanaporn Longwech

In 2010 on the night of December 27, 2010, the news of “17 Year-Old Teen driver crashes van, 9 dead” is the most mentioned. A 17 year-old girl’s drove a common car and was traveling at a high speed. The car crashed into a van (Thammasat University-Mo chit) on the toll way. The van hit the edge of the toll way with the high impact speed. The passengers were thrown off the van but the 17 year-old girl was only slightly injured. The images of “17 Year-Old Girl Plays the Mobile after This Accident Happened” were shared considerably on social media. Recently, the Court of Appeal judges increased the parole period from 3 years to 4 years, in addition to 3-year probation with community services for 140 hours. Furthermore, the 17 Year-Old Girl was prohibited to drive a car until she is 25 years old. The policemen found that the 17 year-old girl turned herself in but did not do her community service during for the last 3 years.

Cause of Accident: The cause of this accident is carelessness. Moreover, the offender is only 17 years old, so showing that inexperience and having no driver’s license will be an issue to people who are 18 years old or above.

Result: The total passengers were 14 persons.  9 people died after the car crashed and 5 people were injured.

Solution: Parents should supervise minors closely and provide knowledge about the traffic law together with controlling the speed of driving. In addition, parents should discourage their child to drive to prevent damage property and injury to other people.

The video “Big Bike Crash Peoples Who were Crossing the Road” that was shared vastly on social media. This accident occurred on March 12, 2016 at the community of Mae Khachan sub district, Wiang Pa Pao district, Chiang Rai province. After shopping, 2 women and 1 child were crossing the road. The “Big Bike” drove at a high speed and crashed with these people who were crossing the road.

Cause of Accident: Driving at a high speed is the main cause of this accident. Moreover, the place of the accident was a community zone where there are a lot of people. In addition, the Big Bike’s driver could not take control of the situation when the driver drove at a high speed and crashed into the people who were crossing the road.

Result: “Big Bike” has been used at a high speed and crashed into the people who were crossing the road. The mother killed before child’s eye.

Solution: The driver should control the speed limit according to law, which is 60 km/hr. for the community to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

On November 10, 2015, the accidents of “5 Cars Crash in a Row, Taxi Miraculously Escapes Death Beneath Bus” occurred on Phahonyothin road near the Elephant building, before Ratchayothin intersection. From the investigation, it was found that a cement truck collided with a taxi from behind and the taxi was dislodged under the bus. In addition, the bus crashed with 2 other taxis from behind. The taxi’s driver was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital.

Cause of Accident: The cement truck brake failured while slowing down to wait for the traffic lights. Thus, the cement truck crashed the taxi.

Result: From this accident, the taxi was seriously damaged and the taxi’s driver injured. In addition, the accident affected traffic jam on the road.

Solution: The drivers should inspect vehicles conditions regularly. In case of its malfunction, the drivers should bring the car to a repair center for immediate checking to prevent risk of accidents and property damages to other people.

On social media, “DJ Gear R” video was a famous topic and is shared in this moment. On January 8, 2016 at the entrance of the Thai-Japanese Stadium, the pick-up of DJ Gear R was follow by third party’s car to the Vibhavadi-Rangsit road. Then, both cars were turned left to the Mitmaitri road. The third party’ car drove into the right lane and tried to insert into the front of the pick-up but the pick-up did not allow this. When traffic was moving, the third party’ car was follow behind the pick-up. And the third party knocked the mirror of the pick-up. After this incident, DJ Gear R discontent and the accident was shared as a video.

Cause of Accident: From this case showing that no one would not give way to the other person in addition to emotion control while driving.

Result: The common car of third party was damaged from pick-up revers to crashed the third party’s car 2 times. Moreover, both persons were punished.

Solution: The drivers should respect traffic rules and also be considerate to companions. In addition, the drivers should control the emotion due to if they have weapon, it could lead to more than damage.

This accident became famous news. The cyclists were killed in a car crash in Thailand. This happened twice. In 2013, 2 British cyclists, who were husband-wife, were crashed by a pick-up at Phanomsarakham district, Chachoengsao province. They were dead from the accident. Next to the accident on February 21, 2015, the policemen have been reported that a pick-up collided the bicycle at Mittraphap road. Mr.Huan Fransitko who was a Chilean cyclist and still making the new Guinness statistics World Cycling record 5 continents within 5 years 250000 km distance. He died. But his wife and child were injured.

Cause of Accident: From the investigation, it was found that the bicycle was not in visible of pick-up’s driver. Thus, the pick-up crashed the bicycle which was cause of carelessness of the driver.

Result: From this accident, 1 cyclist killed but his wife and child were injured. Furthermore, this incident ruined Thailand reputation in road safety.

Solution: Every time while driving, driver should drive with full awareness and caution which could be the reason that lead to injuring other persons and death. Driving speed should not be over 120 km/hr. for motorway. In case of an accident, this would help driver to control the car.

Recently, the accident of “Benz Crashes Ford” is famous. On March 13, 2016, this accident occurred and Ford collapsed to the cabin of driver’s seat. Fire spread quickly due to the gas tank installation. The policemen found 2 grad students dead at driver’s seat. The Benz was found 500 m away which was turned over and demolished. 1 person was injured and taken to the hospital. The inquiry official gave 8 notices for rich man. Before this accident, the rich man drove through the Rama 4 expressway and collided into the toll gate due to high speed. Recently, the EXAT (Expressway Authority of Thailand) sent the evidence to the rich man, charging 50 Bath.

Cause of Accident: The cause of this accident is high speed. From the investigation, it was found that the speed of this car was 215-257 km/hr. Moreover, the offender did not allow the police to checking alcohol so the police assumed that rich man is drunk.

Result: In this accident, 2 grad students died and the rich man was injured.

Solution: Speeds of driving and driver preparedness is an important. The drivers should limit the speed of driving so that they can control the car if an emergency occurs.


Tanaporn Longwech