Statistic of Thailand Road Accident

May 13, 2016
Prawnapha Rungvithu

Statistic of Thailand Road Accident

The Thai government has set up many campaigns to decrease the number of road accident, the result is the decreasing of number of accident in each year. Conversely, the trend of accident severity is increasing. From World Heath Organization (WHO), statistics in 2014, fatalities from road accidents are about 1.25 million people, which is more than the number of fatalities from cancer. Likewise, more than half of the fatality from road accidents are bicyclists and pedestrians. It is obvious that people who use the road are not aware while driving.

The most concerning statistic for Thailand is that Thailand is ranked second place in the highest fatality for world wide road accident, of which the first place is Namibia. The number of fatality is nearly the same. Likewise, Thailand has the highest number of road fatality in Asia. Each year, about 250,000 times are the average frequency of accidents. The major cause of accident is that drivers are careless, which lead to cars crashing. As a result, life loss and assets in each year is about 540 million Baht.

Concerning Statistic In Thailand


From the reported statistics, the accident usually occur with motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, and heavy trucks, respectively. Notice that the number of Thai motorcycle less than Vietnam but the rate of accidents for this type is higher.


In 2015, accident statistic reported that the injured people is about 700,000 persons and fatality is about 8,000 persons. The most of them are people who do not wear helmet and seat belt.


From the accident statistics, the province with the highest number of accidents are shown on the left. This is because these provinces have a lot of cars compares to others


Most accidents occur during the holiday period which is the Songkran festival in April, followed by the New Year festival in the end of December and early January. Moreover, the time period is in the morning session which has low congestion traffic. It is presumed that drivers are inconsiderate of the speed limit.


The straight route has the highest number of accident for 80% compare to the others. Because people think that the curve is the highest so they are be careful. Conversely, the driver who drive on straight route use high speed and careless. Therefore, accident is frequently happen and severe.


From the statistic above, the type of car which has the highest number of accidents is the motorcycle. For province, Bangkok has the highest number of cars. In addition, driver behavior can cause accidents such as negligence, not respect traffic rules and no concern other safety. Accidents commonly happen on straight roads with low congestion traffic. During the festivals, for instance New year and Songkran, there are the highest number of accident. The major cause is the drunk drivers. This is the reason that accident frequently happen and severe compare to other duration.


In order to take action for sustainable accident minimization, the people and Thai government need to cooperate. Drivers should be concerned about their safety and as well as others. For instance, respect the traffic rules, drive with good manners, drive in the range of speed limit, wear helmet and seat belt. Additionally, check the condition of the driver and car before driving. Also, the traffic officer should enforce the law not only for the festival period in order to reduce the loss from accidents.

Tips for Driver

The appropriate pressure for tires is considered from size and car model. In general, the pressure of personal cars is 26-32 pound per square inch on average. Whereas, the pressure of the front tire is more than the back tire about 3-5 pound per inch.


Prawnapha Rungvithu