How to avoid traffic speed detector

April 19, 2017
Nannicha Patraakrapan

How to Avoid the Traffic Speed Detector

Nowadays, the trend of cars using high speed are increasing and is the main cause of car accidents. As a consequence, relevant departments have set speed limits for each area and installed many traffic speed detectors in Thailand. Therefore, InterRisk Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. would like to present the information about traffic speed detectors for road users.

There are 2 types of traffic speed detectors commonly used in Thailand.

Radar-type: This type is mostly used in which the officer manually detects or installs the device in the designated location. The device emits radar waves to target the car and the waves reflect back to the receiver. The reflected wave from the target car changes in size or frequency. Then the detector will calculate the speed value of the car.

Laser-type: This type is more accurate than radar-type and is used manually by human or automatic system. Moreover, the calculation is less than a second. The function of this type is to reflect the laser beam. It measures the reflection duration which uses the change of rate of distance per time to calculate the speed value of the target car.

Traffic speed detector map

In order to decrease accident, traffic speed detectors are installed at the several location. The figure on the left hand side briefly shows the location of speed detectors in Bangkok. Moreover, the road users can use coordinates to locate the spot in your GPS device. In these areas, the drivers should drive safely with caution in these areas. Then the drivers should concern about using speed.

Being safe with speed limits 

The speed limit is set up for safety driving and road users which are listed below. Relevant departments consider about drive with high speed. Therefore, the technologies are used together with development of road users’ potential which can reduce the car accidents.


Nannicha Patraakrapan