Thailand is ranked second place as the country with the highest fatality for worldwide road accidents. Mostly, the cause of accident is from terrible behavior of the drivers. The 8 behaviors causing accidents that should be avoided are as below;

exceeding the speed

Thai people’s always exceed the speed limit which will damage property and injure other people. Moreover, a warning letter and car photo are sent rapidly to the driver.

exceeding the speed limit

Often, drivers make slow decisions, therefore causing sudden lane changes. The accidents caused by illegal lane changes can cause serious injuries and property damage. Consequently, training and response tests are important for the drivers in order to have good decision-making skills.

Low decision-making skill and sudden lane change

According to the contents of the Land Traffic Act, there is legal punishment for using mobile phones or social media while driving. However, many drivers still violate the law. These behaviors may cause the drivers to not focus on the road. If car accidents occur, the innocent bystanders will be affected from other carelessness.

Reckless driving

These actions usually come from selfish drivers commonly found in large cities such as Bangkok. Furthermore, this is the cause of accident and argument as well.

Drunk driving

Safe driving requires alertness and the ability to make quick decisions in rapidly changing situations. Drinking alcohol can have a profound effect on driving skills which is decrease the skill of the drivers. Hence, the drunk drivers should avoid driving and take the taxi instead.

Not turning

Both motorcycle and car accidents are usually caused from not opening the indicator lights to warn the other vehicles. According to traffic law, indicator lights must be opened when the driver needs to turn or change lanes.

Disobeying traffic signs

Traffic signs is an important for all drivers in understanding the rules of the road. Nonetheless, drivers always violate the law which crash into the other vehicles which affects other vehicles, causing them to crash.

No deceleration

This situation always occur in rural roads. When driving into the intersection, cars traveling at a high speed do not slow down. Thus, resulting in serious car crashes is seriously damaged.


Tanaporn Longwech