4 Things: How to Improve Your Driving Safety

March 8, 2017
Chalisa Masuk

4 Things : How to improve your driving safety

Check driver and car condition before driving

The driver should prepare themselves before driving to reduce fatigue. Take plenty of rest before the trip. Don’t drink and drive or use drug that affect your ability to concentrate while driving. Moreover, it is important to inspect the car. Don’t travel with car in bad condition that can increase the risk of accidents.

Evaluate risk before driving

The driver should study the route before driving and find points that are risky in that area. Moreover, drivers can study the situation from VDO or website for situation analytic and find the way to prevent it. Drivers should think about safety at all time. Risk evaluation practicing and driving preparation can make the driver control the situation.

Using technology to the most benefit.

Currently, there are many devices which are developed to increase driving safety. Such GPS device can notify when the driver exceeds the speed limit or drive in areas that are risky. Some devices can analyze the driving abilities such as suddenly breaking or tailgating. The driver can use data to improve themselves and check fuel economy for their cars.

Training to improve driver skills regularly

The driver should get basic training and advanced training continuously. Choosing the training is based on personal preference. The training can remind the driver to think about safety and drive appropriately. Nowadays, some trainings have simulations which can help the driver understand and handle the situation.

Driving safety awareness is necessary for all drivers. Skill development and driving preparation before driving (both the driver and car) can reduce the cause of accidents. Nowadays, there are many trainings and devices that can increase the driving safety with high benefit if used appropriately.


Chalisa Masuk