How to reduce motorcycle accidents? What makes motorcycle accidents different from car accidents?

Motorcycles are a popular alternative mode of transportation to avoid today’s heavily congested roads. However, motorcycle drivers experience greater risk of death and injury in accidents than cars. Motorcycles are more vulnerable on the road as they are only equipped with their helmet, leathers, and skills for safety. With more knowledge and training, however, the risk of accidents can be reduced.

Our training course is especially designed for motorcycle users with the aim of creating accident awareness through engaging activities which apply logical thinking of the participants and practice. Motorcycle drivers will learn the technical aspects of motorcycles accidents on the road. Drivers will have increased ability to consciously drive safely, apply strategic accident prevention and have awareness of new traffic laws concerning motorcycles.

We also evaluate your driving skills, present motorcycle driving techniques for better safety and provide selected accident case studies for drivers. At the end of our training course, you will be confident in maneuvering your motorcycle in a variety of street and traffic situations.

Training Details

The complete motorcycle course covers the following topics: Half-day program

The training course which focuses on road safety for motorcycles including the following topics:

Accident Awareness
Driving Preparation
Driving Technique
Traffic law
How to act after accident

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